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Body Whitening Oil

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Top 11 Essential Oils for Skin Whitening and Lightening

Oil for skin whitening sounds like an oxymoron. Mostly, we use creams, foundations, face packs, soaps, and, in extreme cases, pills for improving our skin complexion and make it fairer and whiter. However, there are facial oils available in the market, which, not only make your skin fairer, but also improve the overall quality of the skin by providing it the right kind of nourishment and this in turn lead to whitening and lightening. We associate oil based products with tanned or dark complexion, blackheads, pigments and a complex range of problems. However, I am going to change your perception today by talking about some of the best selling essential oils for skin brightening. They are simply superb for skin. Before I get on the task of talking about oils, let me mention some benefits you can derive from these products:

Benefits of Essential Oils:

  1. Help in removing hyper pigmentation: Hyper pigmentation leads to a change in the tone and color of the skin. Dark spots are a byproduct. Pigmentation is caused because of allergies and pimples, and in case they are not treated in the nascent stage, can alter your appearance completely.
  2. Stretch marks on face and on body can be completely eradicated using these oils.
  3. Certain oils also take us out of extreme depression.
  4. Oils also cure stress and fatigue, all thanks to the aroma.
  5. Nourish the skin and keep it hydrated.

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