Hair Removal

What is a hair retarding product?
Hair growth and thickness are dependent on the activity of the hair follicles. ... phos4us Retarding Cream is a blend of natural key ingredients to decrease the proliferation of keratinocytes as well as to reduce the mitotic activity of hair follicles.

How do you use hair retarder?
Apply sufficient quantity of this hair retarder on that desired body part. Massage gently like a moisturizer until it gets absorbed in the skin. Repeat twice a day for 15 days morning and evening after each hair removal procedure. Suggested: Use for 3 4 months consistently would give optimum results.
Do hair inhibitors really work?
If you do not remove hairs from the root before applying a hair growth inhibitor, the treatment will not workHair growth inhibitors, including FRÉNÉSIES Facial, work by blocking the hair follicles which slow and stop hair regrowth permanently.

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